DUNEDIN, Fla. (WFLA) — A 73-year-old woman became trapped inside her mobile home when a tornado tore up her roof.

Sondra Martin told 8 On Your Side she was awake, sitting on her bed when the storm hit.

“It came through, it took my roof off on this side of the house,” Martin said. “I got up you could hear all the metal and everything, and I tried to get out the side door.”

Martin had to call 911 as debris throughout the home made it difficult for her to escape.

“Help me, I can’t get out of my house,” Martin told a 911 dispatcher.

The woman told 8 On Your Side in that moment of fear, she fought to get herself outside.

“I just kept pushing on that door, you don’t know what strength you got until then.”

Martin said she was devastated to see the damage to her home but is thankful she lived to tell this story.

“I’m very blessed when I think about it because if it was like in the other room, then it would’ve fallen right on me.”

Dunedin City Officials report six residents displaced by the tornado are getting assistance from the Red Cross. You can view the Red Cross’ website to learn about all the ways to donate.