DUNEDIN, Fla (WFLA) – The City of Dunedin is asking residents to conserve water as they work to repair the damage caused at the Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant last week due to a fire.

Earlier this week, Dunedin City Commissioners were updated on the damages from the Director of Public Works, Paul Stanek.

“The intense heat from the fire caused severe damage to the equipment I the building. It also caused smoke damage to the administration portion of the building,” said Paul Stanek Director of Public Works.

Right now, it is unclear how extensive the damage is as the investigation is still ongoing.

While the city works to deal with the damage, city officials tell 8 On Your Side that residents should only notice a little impact to their water.

“It is a little harder than what people are used to because the reverse osmosis isn’t a part of the process, but it is better than bottled water,” said Director of Communications, Sue Burness.

And while they work to repair the fire damaged plant, they are asking residents to help out and conserve water by cutting back on a few things.

“Just be really cognizant of not watering your lawns and that’s using reclaimed water as well. At least for the next month or two,” added Burness.