PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Sea life has returned to the Dunedin Causeway for the first time just weeks after Hurricane Idalia.

WFLA viewer John Yanchoris captured video from a drone showing the abundance of sea life back in the waters.

Yanchoris said that on any normal day, he usually spots sparks and stingrays in the waters. But in the past few weeks following Idalia, he said that all stopped.

“When a hurricane comes sharks and other sea life can sense a drop in barometric pressure and they go to deeper waters,” Yanchoris told WFLA.

While flying his drone over the Dunedin Causeway following the hurricane, all that was seen was debris and rough waters.

On Wednesday, Yanchoris said it was the first day he was able to spot sharks, dolphins, and stingrays back in the area.

The video shows a variety of animals swimming near the causeway and even a kayaker taking in the sea life too.