ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Dr. Meghen Martin spends her days as a pediatric physician at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. But her side job as a social media content creator has earned her hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok.

“I consider myself an education creator on social media, so obviously on Instagram and TikTok, I talk about health education and a little bit of parenting, a little bit of lifestyle, what I go through as a mom and doctor,” she said.

Her home sustained 6 inches of flood waters during Hurricane Idalia. Her social media following stepped up when she started a GoFundMe page, and quickly raised $40,000. But, she isn’t keeping the money for herself.

“I kind of looked at it as an opportunity to help other people in my community and so I started it myself, and I have been able to help other people in my neighborhood, my neighbors who are also struggling,” she said.

So far, she’s given away $9,000 to her neighbors in need. People like Oxalis Garcia needed the help. Garcia’s home burned down amid the flooding brought on by the storm.

“She gave me a call and she said I want to share my wealth and share the love that I’ve received from my followers and I just started crying on the phone when she told me,” Garcia said.

Garcia has a GoFundMe of her own setup to help her family recover from the storm and fire.

“Some of them are people that we know, and some of them are people that we don’t know. I didn’t know Oxalis,” Martin said. “I met her briefly once, but knowing that she’s been through everything they had, I thought it was a need.”

Martin is now living in a small condominium while she begins work on her home in Shore Acres, trying to decide how to move forward.

“So being an ER doctor, we’re generally at the center of chaos all the time,” Martin said. “I think, I live with chaos, it’s almost comforting to have chaos sometimes. It’s my comfort zone.”