ST PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – A viewer alerted News Channel 8 about a second neo-Nazi demonstration over the weekend in Pinellas County.  

“If we just pass them and not speak up, it just tells them what they’re doing is OK and we’re gonna let it slide and that’s not the message,” Eitan Pearl said. “This isn’t the place for it.”

Pearl, a St. Pete native, called after seeing Monday evening’s reports on the demonstrators displaying swastikas and Nazi propaganda Saturday afternoon on a Pinellas County Trail bridge over US-19.

“I just reached out to you, I was like same thing just happened on St. Pete Beach,” Pearl said. “This is a little too close for comfort.”

Pearl shared photos of the two-sided flier promoting Nazi rhetoric and anti-Semitism that he said a group passed out to beachgoers at Upham Beach Park.

“To those who actually received the fliers, I feel bad for them cause that’s not what St. Petersburg is, it never has been,” Pearl said. “We’re a diverse community.”

Democratic candidate for Congress in District 13 Eric Lynn shared a video of Saturday’s demonstration on the bridge.

“It was sent to me multiple times over the weekend by angry people in Pinellas County seeing this level of hate and anti-Semitism,” Lynn said.

Lynn said any act or display spreading a message of hate needs to be universally condemned.

“And if you don’t come out and condemn someone waiving a Nazi flag, the enemy of the United States that the Greatest Generation defeated in World War II, then you are insulting those veterans and those that lost their lives,” Lynn said.

Anna Paulina Luna, the Republican candidate running against Lynn, said in a text message that she condemns “any of this hate,” adding, “it’s disgusting.”

The owner of the Nosh Pit, a Jewish deli near Saturday’s demonstration on the bridge, said they called the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and deputies had them removed immediately.

Pearl said if these neo-Nazi demonstrators return to his community, he is prepared to confront them and let them know they’re not welcome.

“Instead of making everyone else feel uncomfortable,” he said, “I think we need to go out of our way to make sure they feel uncomfortable and put a stop to it.”