ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – A decorated St. Pete police officer is facing child pornography charges.

Officer Matthew Enhoffer, ‘Medal of Valor’ winner, was arrested Thursday.

Enhoffer went before a federal judge yesterday.

The judge said Enhoffer is not allowed to use the internet or a smartphone.

He also has to wear an ankle monitor.

Enhoffer is facing years in prison.

The investigation began in July.

Enhoffer is accused of trading pornographic images of children as young as four-year-old, using social media, text messages and his computer.

The details are described in a nine page complaint by federal investigators.

Investigators said they found images, either sent by Enhoffer or contained on a computer they seized during a raid at his home.

In 2015, Chief Anthony Holloway beamed with pride, telling a story of how Officer Enhoffer saved another officer during a shooting.

He could be fired next week.

“Today Officer Enhoffer tarnished our badge. the allegations against him is very serious,” said St. Pete Police Chief Anthony Holloway.

Enhoffer is on unpaid administrative leave following an investigation.

Police are going over his cases to see if any are compromised.