ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Two major players in the St. Petersburg arts scene are at odds over an item up for voters’ approval.

The Salvador Dalí Museum and the Mahaffey Theater sit on neighboring properties along the city’s waterfront, and the former allies in the arts are now adversaries.

Recently, a plane has been spotted flying over the area with a banner reading “Vote no on the Dalí, save the Mahaffey Theater.”

The museum is seeking voter approval for an expansion, which calls for extension of the current building, along with a semi-permanent dome on existing museum property and more community space.

Dr. Hank Hine, the executive director of the Salvador Dalí Museum, says the additional space will allow for more interactive exhibits.

The extension of the current building requires a city lease amendment through a referendum vote.

Dali says no city funding and no taxpayer funding will be required, and the expansion won’t affect access to the city parking lot, which is managed by the theater.

But the theater still has concerns.

“The concern here is that we just want to make sure that our operation is protected, and the traffic flow and the parking is not compromised. Our biggest issue is to make sure whatever the construction is, that we are protected, that we can run our operation,” said the theater’s general manager, Joe Santiago.

“The referendum calls for us to work with the Mahaffey and the Grand Prix plans, take all their needs into account. So, the referendum already solves everything we hear the Mahaffey is objecting to,” Dr. Hine said.