ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – A new, immersive display of multi-sensory experiences celebrating the works of Salvador Dalí was announced by The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg this week.

The museum has collaborated with Grande Experience, a world leader in the creation and display of these experiences, to develop “Dalí Alive.”

Grande Experience previously created “Van Gough Alive,” which has become the most visited multi-sensory experience in the world.

“Dalí Alive will further redefine the way U.S. audiences connect with art and culture, engaging and inspiring guests to explore the life, art and triumphant accomplishments of Salvador Dalí,” a press release about the collaboration says. “A powerful symphony of light and sound will transport visitors directly inside the surreal visions and landscapes synonymous with the artist. “

The experience will showcase both Dalí’s triumphs and challenges, animating his works, designed to make the visitor feel as though they are stepping in the life of the artist himself.

The world premiere of Dalí Alive has not yet been announced, but the experience’s website says “coming fall 2022.”