ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Court documents obtained after the arrest of the suspect in a St. Petersburg parking lot beating uncovered new details surrounding the deadly assault.

The paperwork explains that the surveillance video of the incident shows Scott Jenks, 48, beg Kristoff Alexander King, 36, for his life multiple times during an hour-long beating in the parking lot near The Sports Bar and Grill along 94th Avenue North.

Additionally, the arrest warrant indicates that the suspect’s beat-down of Jenks was a racial hate crime.

“It’s terrible,” said Dave, the victim’s friend, who did not want to give his name.  “It’s absolutely terrible.”

Dave said he went to Jenks’ funeral Tuesday.

“I’ve known Scottie for 20 years,” he said. ” I kinda raised him.  He was like my son.”

On the day of Jenks’ death, police said there was evidence of trauma, but it was initially unclear exactly how he died. After obtaining surveillance footage from the Omega Club at 1154 94th Avenue North, detectives saw how the incident unfolded.

Deputies said Jenks was walking in the parking lot of the Northgate shopping plaza around 2:56 a.m. At 3:07, police said you can hear Jenks pleading and begging for Kristoff to “please stop.” Detectives said the beating didn’t stop until 4:26 a.m., one hour and 19 minutes after it began. .

Jenk’s sister Linda Young has been an emotional wreck following the details of the grizzly accusations.

“He gets to keep living and my brother doesn’t,” Young said. “It’s so senseless. He’s never upset anybody. He always makes everybody happy. Everybody loves him,” Young added.

During the beating, officers said the victim can be heard yelling “No! Please stop! Stop! I’m sorry!” as he moaned and grunted in agonizing pain.

The victim is also heard yelling, “Kris I love you, we are friends. I love you. Kris don’t do this. You are my friend,” the arrest warrant states.

The warrant goes on to say that King yelled back at the victim using “numerous racial epithets indicative of a hate crime.”

King allegedly yelled, “F*** you! F*** your white life! White mother f*****!”

Officers said there was a sound of metal dropping on the ground at least three times during the beating.

King was arrested and charged with first degree murder.  He was booked in the Pinellas County Jail.

King said very little during a hearing Wednesday afternoon.

A judge ordered him to be held on no bond, but an Arthur Hearing will determine if he’ll be allowed to eventually post bond, the judge said.  A date has not been set for that hearing.

Memorial for Scott Jenks