CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — Two Clearwater residents were arrested Wednesday after they were caught operating a drug house, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said Lunden Bryce Curns, 22, and his girlfriend Zoe Cecelia Ackley, 22, were under investigation for selling narcotics out of a residence on South Jefferson Avenue.

Undercover detectives conducted staged drug purchases at the home, and after one month of surveillance, they learned that “numerous subjects” visited the home, according to affidavits.

The deputy who wrote the affidavit said the activity was “consistent with illegal narcotics activity.”

Arrest documents said a search of the home uncovered a “trafficking amount” of narcotics and other items, which are listed below:

  • About 3,070 doses of counterfeit pressed “Adderall” pills which presumptive tested for methamphetamine (1,044 grams)
  • About 21 grams of lsd
  • About 305.6 grams of powder cocaine
  • About 461 grams of THC wax
  • About 529 grams of marijuana-
  • About 32.7 grams of MDMA
  • About 6,622 grams of suspected psilocybin mushrooms (pending labs)
  • Four handguns
  • 728 rounds of assorted calibers of ammunition (5.7, .40 cal, .223, 12 gauge, 9mm, .45 cal, .357 cal, .44 magnum, .22, 10mm, .38 special, .762 cal, 30–06)

Both Ackley and Curns were charged with operating a drug house and numerous armed trafficking charges, according to the affidavits.