CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — Roland Wilson is at his wits end.

He’s lived in a nicely-kept home on Oak Cove Drive in Clearwater for more than two decades. About 15 years ago, he says, things started going downhill. His next door neighbor started letting her trees and plants grow out of control.

He and a number of other neighbors have called the city to see what, if anything, can be done.

“Oh, time and – everybody out here has called the city time and time again,” said Wilson. “It’s beyond an eyesore. There are a couple of people right here that have been here for years. They will tell you the same thing.”

Dennis Fischer lives just down the street and agrees.

“Oh, it’s God-awful. It’s unfortunate,” said Fischer. “I feel sorry for my neighbor who has to live next to this because it’s just an ungodly thing.”

Wilson says he is concerned with the tree limbs that are now hanging over his home. He is older and not able to trim the trees himself, and hiring someone to do it is costly. He claims the overgrown yard is also a haven for rodents and snakes.

The homeowner asked that we not publish her name and declined our request for an on-camera interview. She has hired an attorney to fight her accusers.

Wilson says he and other neighbors have offered to help tidy the place up, but the owner would not have it.

“Won’t charge you anything, we’ll just clean it up close to normal,” said Wilson. “Oh, ‘it’s my property, and I’ll do with it what I want. Nobody can tell me what to do with my property.'”

Rebecca Mulder is the code enforcement supervisor for the city.

“It’s been an ongoing case, we’ve had several violations and they’ve been to the code board a few times,” Mulder said. “It’s one that we monitor. It’s a unique case because it’s not necessarily something that is associated with normal debris but rather an accumulation of things as well as vegetation.”

Mulder says the city recently sent a crew to the home to clear out the right of way and is monitoring the situation.