TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Clearwater World War II veteran will soon be celebrating his 104th birthday.

Glenwood Myers was born on July 20, 1918 in Ohio. His granddaughters, Susanne and Glenda, shared some of his life with News Channel 8.

Myers spent his early years growing up during the Great Depression. He met his wife, Mary Burnett, in 1937. They had five sons.

Susanne Myers said her grandfather was drafted in to the Navy at 26 years old, leaving his wife and sons at home to serve two years during WWII as a gunner captain before returning home in late 1945.

The family moved west in 1948, arriving to a relative’s home in California “on fumes and zero money,” according to Susanne.

Glenwood worked two jobs as a crane operator to support his family.

After retiring and moving to Missouri and Tennessee, Glenwood and his wife settled in Clearwater in 1999.

“Our grandfather, Glenwood, is an extraordinary person and has an explementary memory! He shares many stories with us and in such detail,” Susanne said.

Glenwood and Mary were married for over 73 years before her passing in 2010.

Glenwood still lives by himself. His granddaughter said his favorite thing to do is play his guitar and harmonica – at the same time. He also enjoys feeding his ducks and making daily trips to Wendy’s for a Frosty.

Susanne said her grandfather is also very active on Facebook.

“When you ask him about the secret to his long life, he gives all of the glory to God! His faith is strong, he’s humble, kind and truly a blessing to our family,” Susanne said.

She said if you ask Glenwood about turning 104 years old, he’ll say he is aiming to pass his father in age, who lived to be 105.