CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) —A local woman is encouraging others to spread and express love in the community through a mailbox.

Located in the botanical gardens of Coachman Park, “Love Letters Mailbox” is an interactive air piece by a local artist that contains a notebook for people to show love and appreciation for anyone, or anything.

Clearwater local, Daynie Rain designed the mailbox which was installed Nov. 11 at noon, according to The City of Clearwater.

“I believe that there is such a connectedness created through writing a love letter. It’s a form of expression that is so often forgotten in the fast-paced world we live in,” Rain said. “My hope is that these hidden mailboxes will remind people to take a moment to slow down, to read, to write and to be encouraged to express love that might otherwise remain unsaid.”

The idea began in early 2021 with “no expectations” for the projet other than providing a place for the community to express what might go unsaid.

Rain put the first mailbox in a tree in Hallett Park in Belleair. Within the first month, the community responded well, with tons of letters to loved ones and even those who have passed.

After that initial success, Rain began the process of expanding, with nearly a dozen locations now across the state.

Coachman Park is located in Downtown Clearwater and is known for its waterfront location and outdoor venue for concerts, festivals, and cultural events.

“We believe that fostering connections within our community is essential for its growth and well-being,” City Manager Jennifer Poirrier said. “The ‘Love Letters Mailbox’ is a fun and unique way to encourage residents to spread love, create connection and spread goodwill within our community. We look forward to seeing the mailbox become a symbol of creativity, art, love and togetherness in Coachman Park.”