CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) – A group of paramedics from the Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department and Sunstar reunited with a man whose life they helped save back in April on Thursday.

Fire Medic Brian Kemry and Sunstar paramedics Ray Ramjattan and Taylor Heinzel got to meet Evan Johnson, a man who they helped save during a call when he suffered a cardiac arrest.

“Those three first responders, along with our Lt. Craig Krueger, Lt. Casey Matz, Driver-Operator Steve Avise, Fire Medic Carlos Pellitero and Fire Medic Nicholas Stucker, worked flawlessly as a team to respond to the call and treat Johnson, who since has made a full recovery,” the Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department said in a Facebook post.

Johnson’s family wanted to thank the medics who answer the call to help save lives every day.

The Facebook post said the family even home homemade gifts for everyone to give during the visit.