PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is celebrating the birthday of Hemingway the Dolphin, who turned 37 years old on Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, CMA said Hemingway is the largest dolphin at the aquarium, weighing in around 600 lbs. He’s also one of the oldest.

According to the aquarium, wild dolphins live on average about 13 years. The average dolphin under human care can live for roughly 20 years, “so 37 is quite the accomplishment,” CMA said

Hemingway, who is an offshore ecotype of bottlenose dolphin, was rescued in 2019 when he stranded in the Florida Keys.

“During his rehabilitation, he was found to have partial hearing loss,” CMA said in the post. “Without the ability to hear in their full eco-location range, they cannot successfully hunt for their food out in a natural environment.”

CMA said Hemingway enjoys being massaged and scratched all day long.