CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — While his parents will always prefer the Toronto Maple Leafs, Logan Saul is a passionate Tampa Bay Lightning fan.

“It’s kind of fun to have a family revolve around one sport and then have house divided nights,” Saul said while watching game two.

When the high school senior found out his beloved Bolts were once again playing his parents’ favorite team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, he said he “started texting my friends asking for a place to stay.”

That’s because a year ago, during Tampa Bay’s first-round series against Toronto, his parents pranked him by moving his bedroom to the front lawn of their Clearwater home.

“In fact, I was stopped not so long ago and somebody said, really, a mom would put her kid out on the front lawn over a sport,” Stacey Saul said. “Yeah, it was all fun.”

Stacey Saul admits she couldn’t top last year’s bedroom prank. In good fun ahead of game one this week, she decorated her son’s car with slogans in support of the Leafs.

“I enjoyed it,” Logan said. “I kept laughing the entire time because I can’t believe I’m driving around in this, a losing mobile.”

He said he washed the Leafs’ images off his car as soon as he got home from school.

For now, the son still holds the bragging rights in this hockey house divided.

While the Lightning are trying to hoist the Cup for the third time in four seasons, the Leafs have the longest Stanley Cup drought in NHL history, 55 years.

“I feel like in the back of my head there’s always a chance the Leafs will eventually beat the Lightning, I don’t think it’s this year,” he said, before muttering “2004.”

Of course, back in 2004, the Lightning won their first Stanley Cup. It’s also the last time the Leafs won a playoff series.

Logan told News Channel 8 he made a bet with his mom: If Tampa Bay wins the series, she’s getting a Bolts tattoo. If Toronto wins, he’s getting a Leafs tattoo.