CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — A Clearwater lifeguard was recently recognized for helping a woman who was stuck in a wheeled chair on the beach.

A good Samaritan reached out to the lifeguard station to ask if anyone could help the woman.

The person told lifeguards that another person tried to push the woman out so they could enjoy the beach together, but after a few feet the chair became mired down in the sand.

Beach Lifeguard Captain Konrad Ciolko then jumped in his ATV and drove it over to the woman.

The Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department said that Ciolko chatted with the woman for a moment and then helped her in the ATV and loaded her chair in the back.

Ciolko brought the woman much farther onto the sand and reunited her with the person she was with, firefighters said in a Facebook post.

“Most of all, we are thankful that we have employees such as Ciolko who go above and beyond to help the members of our community every day,” the Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department said.