TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The City of Clearwater is proposing changes to its solid waste recycling program.

In 2022, an investigation revealed the contractor for the recycling program was mixing material with the regular trash.

The investigation by the city showed the contractor, Waste Management, only recycled ten tons of material during a six-month period. In March of 2023, more than 871 tons of material was recycled.

As a result, the city replaced its solid waste management team and now the new team is proposing a new contractor.

Solid Waste Director Kervin St. Aimie says the company, Waste Connection offered the city a better deal.

“They are local to Pinellas County and they gave us a best for ANP, it’s a better rate,” said St. Aimie.

The city council will vote on the new contract on Thursday and also approve a refund plan for residential customers based on the recycling services that were paid for, but not delivered.

“For a residential customer, a you’re talking about $21, from a financial perspective. Now, obviously that doesn’t include the time you spent to sort your material and put it in your separate bin,” said Jeffrey Kuhl with the Solid Waste Department.

The city will not charge for recycling services over a six-month period to make good for the charges from last year.