CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) – As details continue emerging about what went wrong leading up to the Surfside condo building collapse, a general contractor is praising one Tampa Bay area property management group for doing everything right.

Gregg Darby is a general contractor who has been involved in construction for 50 years. He said when he was called to repair a ceiling in October, he was able to quickly notice a structural issue.

Management of Villa Del Mar, a five-story condo in Clearwater, was told about the scare and that they had to take action. Now they’re getting praise for their reaction.

“The concrete above the drywall ceiling was pushing down on the ceiling because the tension cables and the rebar were moving,” Darby said.

With insufficient concrete around the reinforcement, Darby said it could have potentially collapsed down the road. However, he said the management company wasted no time and had repairs underway in a month.

8 On Your Side called the property management group, Rescom MGT LLC. The marketing director said she’s proud to be part of the company and said after the Surfside collapse, they made sure all of their 20 plus properties were on the up and up.

“We love the building, love our condo,” one resident named Debbie said.

Debbie didn’t want to give her last name, but said she, her husband and their dog Gunner moved in last November. She said they were a little nervous about construction.

“I know they were here for quite a while, it was a big job,” Debbie said.

She went on to say that all condo members were asked to chip in $5,000 dollars towards repairs. It was a bill she was happy to pay for peace of mind.

“Everything got fixed and hopefully it doesn’t happen again,” Debbie said.

Darby went as far to say the Tampa Bay Lightning aren’t the only champions in our area.

“These people did the right thing, they are leaders instead of procrastinators,” Darby said.

Darby hopes others who own property are inspired to do the right thing.