Was it a satanic ritual or a coyote attack? Regardless of what killed her cat, a heartbroken St. Petersburg woman has a warning for pet owners. 

Lynda Crammer is grieving the loss of her beloved tabby, Skipper.

“He was funny and he was just really a great cat,” she told WFLA.

She says she let Skipper out after dark, as usual, but he never came back. Days later, her husband found his mutilated body in the yard on the side of their home.

His body was headless. His tail? Missing.  

Days later, she tells News Channel 8 her husband found his skull in their front yard.

“He found it in this area right here, just propped up,” she said.

When she shared her story on the Nextdoor app, she says the feedback was frightening. Many other neighbors said they had similar experiences.

Crammer believes her cat was part of a satanic ritual, so she filed a police report.

St. Pete police inspected the cats remains and think they’re coyote-related.

“There were tufts of fur all around the area. The bones appeared to have been chewed and gnawed on. It’s gruesome,” St. Pete police spokeswoman Yolanda Fernandez said. 

Whether an animal or human was behind this attack, Crammer is reminding everyone to watch their pets.

“It was horrible. It was the worst thing ever. I don’t want anybody to have to go through that,” she said. 

St. Pete police also want to remind you that if you have a suspicious situation involving your pet – turn over the remains to them and they will investigate.