TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) — A toddler’s body was found in the mouth of an alligator, his mother was found stabbed to death, and now his father now faces a court for justice.

8 On Your Side continues to learn new details about the case involving Thomas Mosley, the man accused of killing both his 2-year-old son Taylen Mosley and the child’s mother, Pashun Jeffery.

According to the arrest affidavit, Mosley celebrated his 21st birthday at 20-year-old Pashun Jeffery’s apartment Wednesday.

After the party ended, he showed up at his mother’s house with severe cuts on his arms that police say were caused by slippage during a knife attack.

The next day, Jeffery’s body was found inside her apartment with more than 100 stab wounds.

“For something like this that’s so gruesome, the impact those images and the autopsy report and photographs are going to have on that jury is going to be monumental,” criminal defense attorney Bryant Camareno said.

Police said they linked the deaths to Thomas Mosley through a bloody fingerprint on a cleaning bottle and a bloody shoe print with a Gucci emblem.

Camareno shed some light on what this case will look like in a courtroom.

“I analyzed the affidavit and looked at it from a defense perspective,” he said. “Short of any mental health issues, insanity, incompetency, I’d be hard-pressed to find a defense.”

He said it will likely take about two years before this case goes before a jury.

“I think there is enough evidence, circumstantial evidence that shows that he was there with premeditated intent,” Camareno said. “The wounds to his hands, the fact he was admitted to the hospital and then unfortunately the death of a child; I think it all shows premeditation.

“I think there’s enough evidence there to convict.”

Mosley faces two charges of murder in the first degree.

“If I were his lawyer, I would want to try to resolve this short of a trial, short of the death penalty, maybe offer life, maybe offer 50 years as a sentence to the prosecutor,” Camareno explained. “50 years is pretty much a life sentence, but it’s not the same as capital punishment [which would] drag this out for another 20 years.”