PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – The motorcycle driver suspected of hitting a group of bicyclist last Thursday was arrested and booked into jail on Tuesday.

Investigators believe William Kyne intentionally swerved into the bike lane after harassing the cyclists.

One of the victims, Dr. Lane Ziegler, was rushed to a hospital.

He said he doesn’t remember the motorcyclist.

“I don’t remember getting hit. I don’t remember going down. I just remember waking up with the EMS guy putting me into the ambulance,” he said.

Dr. Ziegler said it could have been worse.

“Please respect us. As cyclists, we’re trying to obey the law. We’re far over to the side as we can. We’re not impeding traffic. I don’t understand if they have to wait to two seconds to get around us, please,” he said.