CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — A 76 lbs. sub-adult greensea turtle named “Moira Rose,” after the popular sitcom Schitt’s Creek, was returned back to the wild Thursday by staff and volunteers with Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Staff said Moira’s release came after seven weeks of rehabilitation.

According to the team, a member of the public found Moira floating offshore in the Crystal River National Wildlife Preserve. CMA’s Rescue Team and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) coordinated an effort to pick up Moira and transport her to CMA’s animal hospital for rehabilitation.

When the team received the sea turtle, they said they noticed she had a partially healed shell injury that was consistent with a boat propeller strike.

“Due to her injury, she had some trouble staying submerged but thankfully after some fluids, vitamins, and a healthy diet of seagrass, Moira Rose was able to fully recover,” Dr. Shelly Marquardt said.

Moira was cleared for release by Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s veterinarian and FWC. She was the 19th sea turtle successfully rehabilitated and released by CMA this year CMA said.

There are currently six other sea turtles undergoing rehabilitation at CMA’s marine life hospital. To learn more about the team’s rehabilitation efforts, visit