TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Wine Enthusiast has named its list of “Best Beer Shops in the U.S., According to Pros” and two Tampa Bay area locations made the cut.

The publication named 99 Bottles in Sarasota, as well as Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe in St. Petersburg, to its list.

Wine Enthusiast spoke with brewers, writers, social media enthusiasts, chefs and other drinkers about what goes in to creating a good bottle shop, a term still used despite the majority of breweries offering beer in cans.

The list of “Best Beer Shops in the U.S., According to Pros” is divided by region, with the Sarasota and St. Pete locations being listed under “the south.”

Author of The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide, Mark DeNote told Wine Enthusiast that 99 Bottles has a tap list that balances “hype beers with classic style makers,” as well as rare releases.

They have absolutely maximized their tiny space with an on-premises establishment that doubles as a growler bar, along with an eclectic bottle selection that doubles as wall art,” DeNote told the publication. “Finish it all off with a locker club that rivals any wine club and you’ve got 99 Bottles.”

The founder of Beer Label Society, Wayne Millard, praised woman-owned Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe for being an “anchor in the community for beer lovers.”

“Ask anyone in the beer scene in Florida and they will know them and their business. Their marketing, selection and events make them stand out in a crowded field,” Millard told Wine Enthusiast.

Wine Enthusiast wrote that buying beer shouldn’t feel like a chore.

“Taking time in a bottle shop, examining labels, thinking about styles and chatting with engaging associates leads to a better drinking experience at home or at your next party,” the publication said.

The full list of “Best Beer Shops in the U.S., According to Pros” by region can be found on Wine Enthusiast’s website.