ST. PETE BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — A couple was killed after they were struck by a vehicle in St. Pete Beach on Tuesday evening.

Pinellas County deputies said they responded to the area of 4506 Gulf Boulevard around 6:15 p.m. for a crash.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said a 51-year-old woman was driving south on Gulf Boulevard near 45th Avenue.

Deputies said she hit Brian Allen, 61, and Jane Allen, 63, who were walking across Gulf Boulevard from east to west. Deputies said they were not in a crosswalk. The couple was taken to the hospital where they both later died.

“I see people walking in the middle street all the time it’s so dangerous,” said Janice Will.

Will has lived in St. Pete Beach since 1990. She’s seen the growth of the area.

“I’m just mad that this is happening,” she said. “I wish we could put up billboards, reminding people just not to make these terrible decisions and it’s scary for the drivers. It’s scary for everyone.”

Tim Biasiello and Al Bani, who are visiting from Chicago, crossed the street to get to the beach.

“The crosswalks are pretty far apart,” said Biasiello. “They’re only at the stoplights and to get across I mean, it’s really very inconvenient to walk to the crosswalk so obviously you’re going to cross in the middle.”

“I saw the road closed, the lights,” Bani said. “We saw from the balcony, so we came out here asked what was going on and they said two people were hit. I saw the person laying in the middle of the road.”

Investigators said speed and impairment are not factors in this crash for the driver. Unfortunately, incidents like this happen in the crosswalk too.

“I have a son with special needs, and he walks across the street in the crosswalk, and even there sometimes people just don’t stop even though it says don’t turn on red. People go right through it, so I’m scared all the time,” said Will.

About a month ago, police said a driver was arrested after a deadly hit-and-run on 108th near Gulf Boulevard on Treasure Island. A woman was in the marked crosswalk and died at the scene.