They almost got away with the perfect crime.

That’s how the Pinellas County Sheriff describes a pair of Palm Harbor sisters.

The sheriff tells us they admitted killing their dad four years ago, then staging his house to make it look like he died naturally.

The sheriff said the two sisters killed their dad, then went to sleep with his dead body on the couch.
The next morning, he says they performed CPR and called 911.

At the home of Tony Tomaselli in the Daventry Square neighborhood of Palm Harbor, the sheriff said sisters Linda Roberts and Mary-Beth Tomoselli hatched a plot to kill their dad, Tony Tomaselli.

“They decided to give their father a drink of alcohol and an excessive amount of sleeping pills with the hope that it would kill him,” said the sheriff.

That didn’t work, because the sheriff says Mary-Beth added too much alcohol.

“Linda tried to suffocate him by placing a pillow over his face and when that didn’t work, Linda took a rag and stuffed the rag down his throat,” said the sheriff.

With Mary-Beth pinching his nose, Tony died.

The next day, the sheriff said they staged a charade at the duplex, giving their father CPR and calling paramedics.

It all would have gone unnoticed until Linda started a sexual relationship with a guy she met at a bar last summer, and he recorded her confession on his cell phone.

Neighbors who knew Tony Tomaselli said he was a barber and quite the gentleman. 

“He was friendly. He loved kids. ‘Cause a friend of mine has kids and kids would come by and he, ‘how are you,’ and pick ’em up and rub on the head,” said Robert Kazanecki.

Investigators say the two sisters used the term “euthanasia” to describe why they killed Tony.

They said he had cancer and didn’t want to go to a nursing home.

“I watch those crime solving shows all the time and boy, this is a plot for something like that,” said neighbor Robert Kazanecki.

The sheriff says the sisters even used the word “premeditated” to describe the crime. 

“It’s terrible that they put that much effort and thought into killing their dad,” said Sheriff Gualtieri.

It gets a lot more strange. 

The sheriff said the sisters actually gave sleeping pills to an adult daughter so she wouldn’t witness the murder.

At one point, they thought Tony was still alive, because they felt a pulse, but it was really his pace-maker.

Both sisters are charged with first degree murder.