SPRING, Texas (MEDIA GENERAL) – A little girl in Texas has become a viral sensation after she was attacked by a goose and it was all caught on camera.

Stevie Gidden tweeted pictures of her 5-year-old sister Summer with the caption: “Summer got attacked by a duck today & the pictures our neighbor got of it happening make me laugh so hard.”

The Internet is laughing too. The adorable pictures have been retweeted more than 48,000 times.

And it’s perfectly okay to laugh. Summer wasn’t hurt, and, according to her sister, is enjoying her new found fame in the media spotlight.

Stevie says Summer and her friends were playfully chasing geese around their neighborhood when they noticed a duckling trailing behind. While trying to make sure the duckling caught up with the rest, the mother goose became territorial and attacked.

A neighbor snapped the now viral photos while another neighbor came to Summer’s rescue.