CALGARY, Alberta (WFLA) – Traveling with young children isn’t always easy, but a family flying home to Alberta found a solution in the form of a flight attendant.

Whitney Poyntz and her husband were traveling home to Calgary from a vacation in Palm Springs, California with their 4-month-old daughter last Wednesday on a WestJet flight.

Whitney says they expected an easy flight because their daughter was asleep when they boarded. But about 30 minutes into the flight, she says her daughter got upset and started to cry.

The parents said they were struggling to calm the baby down in their seats when a flight attendant named Ashley walked up and asked if she could walk the baby up and down the aisle.

Whitney says she was shocked a stranger wanted to hold her screaming baby but tells News Channel 8 Ashley did, and managed to calm the girl down.

Whitney posted a photo of the encounter to WestJet’s Facebook page to thank Ashley for going above and beyond with her customer service. The post has gained more than 75 thousand likes.STORIES THAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON