Pasco deputies made an arrest in a strip club shooting that happened in March. On Friday, they arrested Micardo Barnett, 31, and charged him with first-degree murder. According to the arrest report, witnesses identified Barnett as the shooter.

Investigators say on March 7, the victim, Pierre Pickett approached Barnett and at least one other man in a car in the Calendar Girls parking lot at 16309 U.S. 19 in Hudson. Barnett told detectives Pickett was upset at the occupants of the car because they were talking to his girlfriend. At some point, Pickett drew a handgun and pointed it at the man. Barnett told deputies he drew his own weapon and began firing.

Barnett told investigators he exited the car and continued firing. Evidence at the scene shows Pickett was on the ground and still being fired upon by the defendant. Barnett and the other men fled the scene. Detectives say he disposed of the clothes he was wearing.

Deputies identified one of the other men in the car as Conrad Cunningham, 28. They arrested him and charged him being an accessory to first-degree murder.

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