PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Pasco County dry cleaner is at the center of mounting frustrations and concerns, as customers tell 8 On Your Side that the doors have been shut and it’s been months since they dropped off their clothing.

Many people say they’ve been going to 1.99 Cleaners in Land O’ Lakes for years and have had a great experience, but a Pasco County man reached out to 8 On Your Side for help after several attempts to get his clothes back.

Business appears to be at a standstill inside and some customers are worried about when the doors will reopen.

“I showed up this morning and it says that they’re closed,” Jacob Cannon said. “There’s like six or seven cars outside and people are all saying the same thing, ‘I haven’t had my clothes,’ ‘I haven’t got my clothes back in months,’ ‘they charged me and I’ve never gotten anything back.'”

Cannon is a loyal customer. The low price for dry cleaning initially caught his attention and the high-quality service kept him coming back for the last 10 years, but he’s confused about his recent experience with the company.

“I’ve had the last two orders where they told me it was going to be done in a certain period of time,” he said. “I come back, and they say it’s still not done yet.”

Cannon has become frustrated with the laundry list of excuses.

“Why is this going on?” he said. “Where are our clothes? Are we going to get them back?”

8 On Your Side reached out to 1.99 Cleaners, but the phone lines appeared to be disconnected.

“There’s several consumer protection agencies around Florida,” said Joshua Monteiro, and attorney in Tampa.

Monteiro is familiar with the cases involving consumer concerns and recommends reaching out to state and local agencies for assistance.

“You can start with the Florida Department of Agriculture, Florida Division of Consumer Services, or Better Business Bureau,” Monteiro said. “Your efforts as a consumer may not be enough, but when some of these organizations start to reach out then it puts more emphasis on that person who owned the business to finally reach out to its consumers and do what’s right.”

For more information about Florida Consumer Protection, call 866-966-7226, 850-414-3990 or filling out an online form here.