PORT RICHEY, Fla. (WFLA) – Body camera video shows a tense situation between a Pasco deputy and a drunk, bloody bicyclist he found lying in the road, the sheriff’s office says.

Sgt. Richard Jones found 43-year-old Bradley Allen in the middle of Ranch Road near Ponderosa Avenue in Port Richey just after 11 p.m. Tuesday. Body camera video shows Sgt. Jones get out of his patrol car to check on Allen, who appeared to be bleeding. Jones can be heard in the video checking on Allen, asking if he was hit while on his bike.

The video shows Allen, still on the ground with his bike, tell Sgt. Jones to “get your f***ing light out of my face.” Jones responds saying, “buddy I’m trying to help you.”

After a few moments, deputies say Allen jumped to his feet and started getting aggressive with Sgt. Jones. Video shows him start to walk away before coming back toward Jones, cursing at him repeatedly.

“Dude, if you got hit – you’re bleeding everywhere,” Jones says in the video.

“Come on dude!” Allen responds. “Come on you p**** b****. I’m f***ing dead serious motherf*****.”

In the video, Allen is seen standing in front of Sgt. Jones asking “what you got?” as Jones warns him he’s going to get tased.

“You f***ing tase me then,” Allen tells him.

Allen is then seen falling to the ground again as he walks backward. After spending a few moments on the ground apparently fake crying, he gets back to his feet and encourages Jones again to tase him.

The 43-year-old then listens to Sgt. Jones and is seen putting his hands behind his back. When Jones tells him to get all the way on the ground, Allen can be heard saying, “let that taser come off or I’m gonna f***ing literally bury you.” He then counts to three and jumps to his feet, throwing his hands in the air.

That’s when deputies say Sgt. Jones tased Allen. Jones is heard in the video yelling at Allen to get on the ground and roll over as he radios in to say his taser has been deployed.

“Have units step it up,” he says.

When more deputies get to the scene, Jones explains to them what happened. Allen can be heard in the background apparently crying.

“He was laying in the middle of the road. I thought he got hit by a car or something so I get out to try to help him and he just goes off,” Jones explains. “He’s like going crazy on me and then I had him at taser point for a little bit…and he lunged at me and I tased him.”

Allen was eventually put in handcuffs. Deputies say he continued to resist while being taken to a patrol car. After he was medically cleared, he was taken to the Pasco County Jail. He is charged with assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest without violence.