ODESSA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Tampa Bay business has been helping make the therapy process a little easier for families who have babies that wear cranial helmets.

PopShadow in Odessa has wrapped dozens of the helmets with bright designs chosen by the families.

Kelly Gabriel’s ten-month-old son, Luke, has been wearing his colorful therapy helmet since he was three months old.

Gabriel said her son’s doctor recommended the device after noticing a flat spot on his head that did not improve with other treatment options.

“It is a medical device. I equate it to braces for your teeth, that’s my best way to explain it to other people,” Gabriel said. “You don’t have to have it, but it will help later in life for glasses wearing or if he ever has sports helmets.”

She also said the design wrapping on the helmet has helped raise awareness about cranial helmet therapy.

“So he gets lots of comments on his dinosaurs,” Gabriel said. ”It brings a conversation, a lot of people don’t understand it, don’t know about it.”

If you know of any families who may want their baby’s helmet wrapped free of charge, you can reach out to PopShadow through their website.