HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) – They’re the kind of visitor you don’t want, you don’t need and you’ll never ask back. They show up droves uninvited and stay far longer than you’d ever imagine. 

And, it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to get rid of them.

Right now, it’s swarming season, a pesky time of year that runs from May to July. Termites are alive and well, busier than ever as they work their way through Florida by the millions. 

“They work 24 hours straight. They chew about a pound of wood a day,” said Steve Fuchs, a service coordinator for Truly Nolen Pest Control in Hudson.

But, there’s one species considered that terrifies even the most experienced pest control person, a termite that’s highly invasive, described as unstoppable. These tiny creature are powerful and mighty.

They chew through concrete.

It’s the “super-bug,” and it’s all over South Florida, specifically Miami. Experts say there’s no doubt these termites are headed for Tampa Bay. It’s not a question of if, but rather, when.

The non-native Formosan, or subeterranean species, and Asian species termites are wreaking havoc on homes all over South Florida.

“They’re not here yet,” said Fuchs. “But, we’re preparing for them. In Florida, there’s two types of homes, ones that have termites and ones that don’t have termites yet. We do free estimates all the time. People don’t realize just how much damage a termite can do. People are always shocked when find out they have them. It’s usually during a home remodeling project.”

Homeowners Tim and Heidi Boudin says she and her husband knew exactly what was headed for their home a few years ago in Tarpon Springs with a large wooded area nearby. They discovered the termites in a tree in their backyard, an area that backs up to a preserve.

“It’s Florida, we’ve got all kinds of bugs,” said Heidi. “When I saw those termites, I was so glad we had protection and the house was treated. As a homeowner, you’ve got to do it.”