DADE CITY, Fla. (WFLA) — A proposal for a new development in Pasco County is getting a lot of push back.

Rolling Hills 2, which would be located south of SR 52 and north of Roberts Road, would bring hundreds of homes to the area.

Homeowners have many concerns from safety to traffic, and it’s a project homeowners say they’ve fought for two years.

Phillip Thomas lives on Opportunity Way in Dade City. Behind his property is where a developer wants to build homes.

“The traffic is going to be a bottleneck for everybody,” Thomas said. “Phase two should not go through.”

Several of Thomas’ neighbors expressed their concern and frustration with the Dade City Planning Board Wednesday, like Irene Losat.

“It’s very sad what they’re doing to us,” Losat said.

Losat said she and her husband moved to Dade City because they wanted acreage. Now, they’re in danger of losing some of it.

“We wanted to make sure that wherever we bought that no developer couldn’t buy that property,” Losat said. “All they want is the development. That’s all they care about.”

Homeowners were already concerned about Phase 1 of the project. The city commission already approved Phase 1 which is 700 homes. Phase 2 would bring 370 homes.

While the planning board voted Wednesday night to send Phase 2 to the commission, members made a recommendation to increase the buffer between the project and many of the existing homes.

“Every municipality is going to be facing this,” Chairman Matthew Munz said. “You see growth everywhere, it’s going to happen, it’s finally here, but it’s a matter of how do we do it the best way we can.”

Homeowners like Thomas plan to make their voices heard until they can’t anymore.

“Dade City does not have the infrastructure for a project,” Thomas said.