A Pasco County woman is facing charges after deputies say she was found passed out drunk in the driver’s seat of her car with a 5-year-old girl in the back seat. 

Thirty-year-old Sarah Nisse was arrested Tuesday for child neglect, DUI and felony violation of probation.

According to an arrest report, Nisse was found after the young girl answered a phone call from her father. Deputies say the girl’s father then started FaceTiming with her. When he saw Nisse passed out, he says he tried to wake her up by yelling out her name.

During the call, the father was also able to figure out where the car was and found Nisse and the young girl in a parking lot on Success Drive in New Port Richey. Once he was at the scene, the father said he got his daughter out of the car, called 911 and tried again to wake Nisse up. 

Fire rescue crews responded and were finally able to wake Nisse up using pain stimuli. According to an arrest report, Nisse did not speak while authorities were helping her, but stuck her middle finger up.

Deputies say she was then taken to the Medical Center of Trinity, where she “appeared to be heavily intoxicated.” An arrest report says she blew a .276 BRAC and .272 BRAC three hours after the incident.

According to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, Nisse is on probation for willful child neglect in connection with a case back in 2015 where she had sex with a 15-year-old.

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco says technology likely helped save the 5-year-old’s life.

“Who knows how long they would have been there for,” said Sheriff Nocco. “That girl could have just wandered off and no one would have known that.”