PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A young storm chaser captured the rare moment a tornado formed over his family’s home in New Port Richey on Tuesday.

Nicholas Krasznavolgyi was watching the storm develop on the radar before he took a look out of his window and spotted a massive spiral-shaped cloud above him.

The young weather photographer rushed outside with a camera and tripod to film unusual sights. As he began to record, the mouth of the tornado passed directly over his house.

“I couldn’t really progress what was happening because the adrenaline rush,” Krasznavolgyi said. “It hit me later on that I caught some of the best tornado footage ever.”

In the video, Krasznavolgyi can be heard saying, “it’s a tornado!” moments before the storm moved out of the camera’s frame.

Nicholas’s mother, Ashli Krasznavolgyi, told Storyful that her son has been “obsessed” with tornadoes and meteorology since he turned four.

“It’s a view not many have been able to witness and fortunately not only did he, but he was able to capture it to share with others,” Ashli said in relation to the video.