NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (WFLA) — The Pasco Sheriff’s Office is asking for additional victims of a Hudson man, who was arrested for lewd and lascivious battery on June 30, to come forward.

Brandon Williams, 20, was charged with lewd and lascivious sexual battery on a child 12 to 15 years old for an incident on December 3, 2021. According to an arrest report, Williams allegedly drove the 12-year-old victim to his home, where he pleaded for the girl to have sex with him. She refused due to her age.

The victim told police that Williams said, “You already gave me head, why don’t you just let me hit it?”

The victim allowed Williams to have sex with her because she feared for her safety, she later told police. She told Williams that she was in pain and bleeding, to which he replied that she just “popped her cherry”, and continued battering her.

Police said they found text messages on the victim’s cell phone from Williams after the incident, where he asked if she had her period yet. The 12-year-old told Williams that he was the only person she was having sex with. His text messages showed he did not deny that he had sex with her.

This wasn’t the first time Williams was charged with a sex crime involving children. Williams was arrested on January 14 for lewd and lascivious sexual battery on another underage victim. The 12-year-old victim referenced the January arrest, telling police she last had sex with Williams the night before he was arrested.

A witness reportedly told police that Williams knew the victims’ ages before having sex with them.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office said they believe there are more victims who may have connected with Williams through social media or text message. If you or a loved one may be a victim, contact the PSO Crime Tips Line at 1-800-706-2488, or report tips online at