Pasco residents paying higher sales tax after Hillsborough voters approve increase

Pasco County

Carole Williams was paying bills and noticed her Frontier bill went up by a few dollars, but she hadn’t been notified of any increase.

“So of course I looked into it and knowing what’s been happening with the taxes here in Pasco versus Hillsborough, I decided to take a closer look,” said Williams.

She then noticed other bills went up too.

“My lease statement for my car also increased earlier in January and when I called for that, I was in fact being charged the increased tax rate for Hillsborough County. Following that, I noticed that my security bill was going up as well. When I reached out to them, they said ‘don’t worry, we are charging by zip code,'” said Williams.

She lives in Pasco County in an area that shares a zip code with parts of Hillsborough County.

When Hillsborough County increased its sales tax, some companies and their computer billing systems have not been able to tell the difference between Pasco residents and Hillsborough residents.

Williams called Frontier to see why they were charging her a higher rate and was frustrated by the answer she received.

“When I called Frontier this morning, nobody could answer it for me and they told me in fact that they don’t have that information and I had to contact the state tax department to find out what I was being charged,” said Williams.

News Channel 8 contacted Frontier and a spokesperson promised to look into the issue.

A short time later, Frontier issued a statement.

“Frontier’s billing systems utilize several software programs to ensure location accuracy. This situation with some zip codes spanning county lines will require an override of those programs to sort out Pasco County residents for purposes of not applying the new tax. We will address this as soon as possible to ensure accuracy.”

Pasco County Tax Collector Mike Fasano is also investigating a number of complaints to his office.

The Pasco Tax Collector does not oversee the collection of sales tax, but Fasano says he wants to look out for the taxpayers of Pasco County.

Williams says she just wants to pay the tax for the county she lives in.

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