PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Pasco County man was charged with attempted murder after deputies said he stabbed a woman numerous times and only stopped after his kitchen knife broke.

Deputies said Ivan Manuel Villasenor, 28, of Port Richey was in an argument with a woman inside his home Monday, May 9, when he armed himself with a kitchen knife and waited for the woman to walk past him so he could cut and stab her.

Villasenor allegedly told deputies he stabbed the woman numerous times “but stopped after the knife broke,” arrest documents said. Villasenor then grabbed a wooden club and struck the woman over the head two or three times.

Deputies said Villasenor also pushed the woman against a closet door, breaking it off its hinges, then forced her head and shoulder through the drywall.

Two witnesses related to Villasenor begged him to stop.

After authorities were called to the home, Villasenor allegedly admitted to the abuse “because he did not want to end their six-year relationship,” documents said.

Deputies said the woman was transported to an area hospital for treatment with serious cuts and stab wounds to the following areas:

  • Five stab wounds on her back,
  • a stab wound on her right shoulder,
  • a deep cut to the left side of her neck,
  • a 10 cm cut from the left side forehead to her ear,
  • and a cut on her right middle finger

Deputies said the cut across the woman’s face also sliced her eyelid and appeared to slice her eye. As of the release of the affidavit, the woman had no vision in that eye.

Villasenor was charged with attempted felony murder.