PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Pasco County school officials are concerned about fights in school.

Rebecca Yuengling has two high school students in the Pasco County School District. Her frustrations are running high.

“I really do worry for their safety at the school because I don’t think the bullying is being addressed,” she said. “Superintendent [Kurt] Browning last year said there was a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and fighting, yet it goes on every day in every Pasco County school.”

Her concerns are centered around school violence between students after two vicious brawls unfolded in two different high schools this month.

Last week, there was a fight at Zephyrhills High School that involved 14 students and led to multiple arrests. On Thursday, Browning responded to the incidents with a YouTube video.

“We had multiple fights that quickly escalated,” Browning said. “One of them was serious enough to knock a school leader to the ground. We will not tolerate violence in our schools. There will be no second chances.”