PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Everyone in Pasco County is now required to wear a mask while indoors at public businesses following an executive order passed Tuesday.

Face Covering Order Requirements:

  • Face coverings should cover nose and mouth
  • Order applies to all businesses and county government facilities open to the public
  • Businesses must ensure compliance with this Order
  • Businesses in violation of this Order could face a fine of up to $250
  • Exceptions to the order include children under the age of two and anyone with existing health condition that would be complicated by wearing a mask

Some say they’ll follow the rules, but they don’t think it’ll help.

Karina Nardi told 8 On Your Side, “I just believe there’s no way we can build immunity to the virus if we’re required to wear a mask everywhere.”

Nardi is from Odessa and does missionary work. She says she wishes people would do a better job social distancing.

“I believe that if there’s those that believe the mask is serving them well, then they should wear it and they’re protected, but then there’s those of us who have our own personal opinions.”

Others, like former New York Corrections officer Thomas Vitola who spends time in the Tampa Bay area with his grandkids, is glad county leaders put the mask ordinance into effect.

“I think everybody should. It’s a common sense order,” Vitola told 8 On Your Side. “I think it’s the smartest thing to do.”

Pasco businesses like Heathy & Fresco are handing masks to customers, just in case people forget to bring one. They want to make sure folks are safe and protected.

“We have them right here,” said Analise Sabo. “We wear masks, and we have them for customers.”

The Pasco County School Board said Tuesday the order will not affect students in public schools, but masks will be required for school employees and visitors. Pasco schools are expected to resume in August.

If you live in Pasco County and would like a free face mask, you can pick one up at a public library, the Pasco County Tax Collector’s office, or the West Pasco County Government Center.

To read the full Order, please visit:

If you feel compelled to report a violation of the Face Coverings Order, please call Pasco County Customer Service at 727.847.2411, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.