PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Pasco County deputies ordered two people out of their car at gunpoint and forced them to crawl on the ground.

“I felt like an animal being marched down US-19,” said Jenna Knight.

The new year is not starting off well for Knight and her father, Thomas.

As they left Winn-Dixie after a shopping trip, Jenna, behind the wheel of her Kia, her dad in the passenger seat, were pulled over.

“Next thing I know, he’s walking out of his car, gun already drawn before he ever got up to the window, screaming for me to put both hands out the window,” said Jenna.

She said she got out and complied with an order to walk backwards towards the deputies. She turned to look.

“So he starts screaming belligerently at me, for me to get on the ground and crawl backwards towards him,” said Jenna.

“It scared me. I’m still devastated,” said Thomas Knight. The deputies ordered her father to do the same, on all fours.

Moments later, things took a turn.

“I heard it come across the radio that the male that they were looking for, a middle-aged, 20’s, man with tattoos all over his body, no t-shirt on. And I said, ‘I don’t fit that description at all, so what are you doing with me?'” Jenna said she asked the deputies.

“If I had moved the wrong way, I probably would have got shot,” said Thomas.

A spokesperson from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said there had been an armed robbery nearby.

So a BOLO went out, which means “be on the lookout.”

At Moog Road, deputies thought they spotted the car. So they performed what they call a “felony car stop” and pulled over the Knights.

Guns were drawn and the occupants were ordered to get out.

It is considered standard operating procedure, said the spokesperson.

That explanation doesn’t fly with Jenna and Thomas.

Jenna’s car has dark tinted windows, so deputies likely could not see her inside.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson tells News Channel 8 the deputies explained, in detail, what happened.

Jenna and Thomas dispute that.

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