PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Pasco County bus drivers are saying enough is enough.

Driver Teresa Lombardo said she and fellow workers have been negotiating with the district all year long for a raise, but have yet to see any more money.

“Here it is, April. We’re going to be done with school in a month, and we still haven’t got substantial raises,” Lombardo said. “Bus drivers are starting off $13.40 an hour.”

Lombardo said they deserve more for the hard work they do to make sure students get to and from school safely.

“We have drivers that are driving four sets of students, four different levels so some of us are not getting back until 6 o’clock at night, some seven.”

Tracy Rodabaugh is also a bus driver. She told 8 On Your Side the district offered drivers a 4% supplement one time last month, but it was not enough. They want to see 3% reoccurring raises.

“You go to the grocery store and buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk is almost an hour’s worth of our pay. Most of our drivers and assistants have two and three jobs.” Rodabaugh said.

These drivers also believe the low pay is to blame for the driver shortage, plaguing school districts

District leaders said they agree that drivers deserve more money. A spokesperson from Pasco County Schools told 8 On Your Side that drivers will get in a increase in pay once an agreement is reached with the union.

The school board also voted last week for a referendum on November’s ballot that could increase driver and teacher pay.