WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. (WFLA) – A construction worker suffered serious injuries on Thursday afternoon when Pasco County Fire Rescue says a diamond blade saw kicked back, injuring a man on site.

The incident took place in the 8300 block of Old Pasco Road at a large construction site.

The man’s co-workers called 911 for help around 2:30 PM.

According to a spokesperson, the accident happened when a blade kicked back into the man’s chest, slicing him in the sternum, all the way up through his neck and into his jaw.

“The injuries were very serious,” said Corey Dierdorff, spokesperson for Pasco Fire Rescue. “He was Bayflighted to Bayonet Point. We were told his co-workers were communicating through hand signals when he left. We are wishing him the best of luck in recovery. We know his injuries were severe.”

At this point, the man’s condition is not known, only that he is currently being treated at nearby Bayonet Point Hospital.

“The response time was quick,” said Dierdorff. “He’s in good hands now as he receives treatment.”

The man’s identity has not been released.

According to officials, the accident happened in the 8300 block of Old Pasco Road.

Officials say the man was attempting to cut cement when the saw kicked back and cut him.