HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) – Damage from Hurricane Nicole was minimal, for the most part, in the Tampa Bay area.

For Chris Ortiz, the storm caused a tree to fall in his back yard and through his roof at his home in Hudson.

“We woke up and it was like raining and a little bit of wind, and then head to work and my wife just called me that she heard a ‘boom,’ that the thing came through the roof,” said Ortiz.

He called his landlord to help.

“He said there was a, you know, a leak in the roof and the tree came through, so came over to take a look and we called the fire department as well ’cause he has kids here, so they came and they tarped it up as best as possible,” said Jonathan Moya.

They worked together to clear the debris.

“We had to clear all of the debris because there was still water pouring in, so we didn’t want to have any more damage on the inside, so we are just taking it piece by piece, as you can see the whole disaster right there,” said Moya.

Pasco County officials reported little other damage as Nicole passed through the area.