PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — The New Port Richey Police Department fired Corporal Bobby Lubrido, 43, for having improper contact with a teenage girl. Now, some are calling for Lubrido’s arrest.

An internal affairs investigation showed Lubrido was transporting a 17-year-old girl from the Juvenile Assessment Center to the hospital when he gained access to her cell phone.

The report said Lubrido then found topless photos of the girl on her phone and made inappropriate comments to the girl.

She told investigators the officer became so distracted by looking at the photos that he hit a deer standing in the road. The teen also told investigators the officer reached his hands under her shirt and bra to fondle her breasts while she was in handcuffs.

The New Port Richey Police Department terminated Lubriro on Aug. 12 after finding he violated a number of department policies.

New Port Richey resident and activist, Kimberly Cox said she’s been complaining about the conduct of Lubrido for two years.

Cox said during protests in the wake of George Floyd, several people came forward to report that Lubrido had treated a black teen unfairly during an arrest.

Cox said Lubrido should have been arrested after his latest incident and not just terminated.

“The appropriate avenues would not just be somebody to lose their job, that it would be time spent in jail,” Cox said.

She added the department should believe and support the victim in this case.

“I believe that he groped her,” Cox said. “I believe that he made sexual advances to her. I believe that as a 17-year-old child, that makes him a pedophile.”

Efforts to contact Lubrido on Wednesday were not successful. The department said they no longer have contact with him because he has been terminated.