WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. (WFLA) — Neighbors in Wesley Chapel are flooded out. They say the water is not from a storm, but rather construction along State Route 56.

The water has receded several inches but neighbors are fed up. Some have lived there for decades and haven’t seen anything like this except during Hurricanes Sandy and Irma.

New development pops up along S.R. 56.

“Whoever designed that drainage system, they’re doing it incorrectly,” said Jeff Alling, who is flooded out.

Allring is a disabled Vietnam Veteran. With all of the flooding, he’s unable to use his electric wheelchair or flush his toilet.

“We know we live in a flood zone and we expect [storms] like Hurricane Irma and Sandy. Years ago we took on water, but this stuff is man-made,” he said.

Neighbors blame poor irrigation from the development, so they’ve called Pasco County as well as Southwest Florida Water Management District.

“They turn us off like a light switch they say you live in a flood zone too bad,” said Allring.

The District sent News Channel 8 this statement:

“The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) has investigated several flooding complaints in this area. We did note several illicit surface discharges of turbid water from permitted construction sites in the area. District staff worked with the permittees, engineers of records and their consultants to install appropriate sediment and erosion control measures to eliminate the illicit (turbid ) discharges from their construction sites. 

“We are also currently investigating another issue with construction dewatering in this area. We have requested that the contractor stop the dewatering, until it has been approved by the District.

“Unfortunately, Betts Drive and the residential lots were constructed in the 100-year floodplain, prior to stormwater permitting requirements. District regulatory permitting requirements were implemented in 1984. If a development was proposed in this location today, they would need to elevate the living structures above the floodplain elevation. They would also need to provide calculations demonstrating that any fill placement within the floodplain would not impact offsite areas.”

“Changes to the drainage system have to be corrected and diverted a different way. Stop dumping it here,” Allring said. “We don’t want the man-made floods. We’ll take the natural ones.”

Pasco County said Betts Drive is private and the county has no jurisdiction over it. The county also said the standing water is from the New River which has crested and it could take several days before it returns to normal water levels.