Attacked by a naked man swinging a rake! The victim in this case fought back. 

He grabbed a hammer and went to town.

Armed with a yard rake, the accused attacker met his match when the victim grabbed a hammer.

Deputies say Maurice Castaneda, not wearing a stitch of clothes, barged into Bill and Crystal Colwell’s home.

“Looked up and here’s a naked guy in my house and I instantly start screaming ‘get out of my house’ and he didn’t get out,” said Bill Colwell.

So Bill shoved him into the side yard. He said Castaneda grabbed his rake.

“He shattered it a few times, ’cause I think the last time might have been over my head ’cause I got a couple of lumps on my head,” said Bill.

Crystal tossed her husband a hatchet. But he had a better weapon in his truck.

A hammer.

“The guy bowed up and said, ‘what are you going to do with that?’ And Billie hit him and he just kept coming at Billie and Billie just kept hitting him,” said Crystal.

“This dude could have killed me, he would have killed me. He was aggressively coming at me. Even with weapons in my hand, he had no fear,” said Bill.

Castaneda retrieved his boxers from a nearby swamp and took off.

A K-9 and a chopper found him a few streets away.

“The cop told us yesterday, the best thing we should do is get a gun now,” said Crystal.

Both victims are convinced Castaneda was on drugs.

He is in jail, facing burglary, battery and assault charges.

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