PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – When an 11-year old girl in Pasco County went missing from her middle school, her mother Jocelyn was in jail.

That night, when Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco announced there was an Amber Alert in the case and the girl may be in danger, her mother Jocelyn was in jail. The next day when deputies located the girl in Hillsborough County, and authorities announced she had been sexually battered, her mother Jocelyn was in jail.

Jocelyn, mother of 11-year old amber alert victim.

Because the girl is a juvenile sexual battery victim, 8 On Your Side is not releasing her name, nor are we using her mother, Jocelyn’s, last name.

Although, sheriff’s officials released the girl’s name and picture the night of the alert and encouraged media outlets to circulate it on broadcast, print, and online.

For the last several years, Jocelyn has been in and out of jail. Most of her charges are not for violent crimes. Deputies have arrested her on property crime and drug charges. She’s currently in custody on drug and burglary charges. The burglary stems from her walking into a stranger’s garage and plugging her cell phone in to charge without asking permission.

Her daughter and a number of her other children are currently in foster care, because of her legal problems. She admits, she has not been the perfect mother.

“That’s why I agreed to sign my rights over,” Jocelyn said. “Let them go into foster care but I did with the agreement of having open adoption.”

What happened to her daughter over that two day period makes her feel sick, and helpless.

“It’s, it’s so unfortunate that she had to go through this and I blame myself in a lot of ways because I’m here,” Jocelyn said. “I do feel responsible in a lot of ways because I’m her mother I’m supposed to be there. I shouldn’t be here, I should not be in jail… I mean what I am saying is I should not have done something wrong. “

Jocelyn is now hoping to get out of jail, clean up and reunite with her children. She knows her daughter is going to need a lot of help.

“She probably thinks that I’m mad at her, she feels ashamed, she’s probably putting on a facade like she’s okay and trying to hold it together but I know that she’s not. She’s a little girl,” said Jocelyn. “I have made many mistakes. But I do love my children more than anything. You know, and I ah, oh God. I wish I could hold her and hug her.”