CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Fla. (WFLA) – A Florida man has been charged with a felony after deputies say he dumped a bucket of cow manure on a person.

Pasco County deputies arrested 47-year-old Jose Ramirez-Callejas on Wednesday evening at Spoto’s Dairy in the Crystal River area. According to an arrest report, Ramirez-Callejas is an employee at the dairy farm.

Deputies say Ramirez-Callejas intentionally threw the cow manure on the victim against the victim’s will. According to the arrest report, he scooped the cow manure into a bucket and dumped it over the victim’s head.

During an interview, deputies say Ramirez-Callejas admitted to throwing the cow manure on the victim. Deputies also noted in the arrest report they noticed cow manure on the victim’s forehead and leg. The report does not mention why the manure was dumped on the victim.

Ramirez-Callejas was arrested and charged with felony battery. The arrest report says he was previously convicted of battery in Hillborough County in 2017.